K Pharma, Inc.

Bringing Hope to Patients Worldwide

iPS cell technology drives advances in health care through drug discovery and regenerative medicine


CORporate Philosophy

Promoting health care
through innovation
in medical science

K Pharma was established as a spin-off venture from the Keio University School of Medicine to pursue the development of practical applications of research spearheaded by Professor Hideyuki Okano (Department of Physiology) and Professor Masaya Nakamura (Department of Orthopaedic Surgery). K Pharma is dedicated to driving advances in health care, with a particular focus on medical treatments involving nerve regeneration and iPS drug discovery.

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Two key areas

iPS drug discovery

Using disease-specific iPS cells for iPS drug discovery

Regenerative medicine

Using iPS cells to develop regenerative medicine applications for spinal cord injuries (SCI) and cerebral infarctions