What we do

K Pharma overview

Two key areas

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    iPS drug discovery

    Learn about how we use iPS cells in drug development, including the objectives and development processes involved in drug discovery.

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    Regenerative medicine

    Learn about our objectives and development processes for regenerative medicine using iPS cells.

Why choose
K Pharma?

K Pharma offers three key advantages.

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    Extensive research expertise

    K Pharma draws upon the extensive body of research work built up by founding professors Hideyuki Okano and Masaya Nakamura at Keio University School of Medicine. The company continues to work closely with the School of Medicine in developing clinical applications for research findings, typically via joint research projects in key areas such as therapeutic agents for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

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    Industry venture networking with Keio University School of Medicine

    Clinical trials to establish viability, efficacy and safety are a vital component of the process of developing new therapeutic agents and treatments. As a venture spin-off from the School of Medicine, K Pharma networks with the university hospital and other leading institutions through industry-academic collaboration models designed to maximize the efficiency of the drug discovery process.

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    Expertise in rare diseases

    K Pharma is dedicated to developing therapeutic treatments for neurological afflictions such as cerebral infarction and SCI. At this point in time, a truly effective treatment has yet to be found.
    Through selective targeting of resources in the rare disease domain, we endeavor to transform our body of research knowledge into viable solutions for diseases affecting large numbers of people.